Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What happened!!!

Okay....several have been saying. "I've given up on checking your blog page. It's been forever." It's been 4 monthes I think....maybe longer. My biggest excuse is that I've been having computer issues. I have not been able to get my pictures to download and all of my posts are inspired by my pictures. Plus the fact that after 14 years.....I started back to work.....FULL TIME!!!! Wow!!!! It's been crazy busy to say the least. But great at the same time. I'm loving my job and love the people I'm working with and the company I'm working for. For now......I hope to have my issues taken care of by a great friend of ours. When he gets me up and going again.....look out. I've got a ton to post about. Happy Blogging out there. And God bless!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Football, Football, Football!!.....So Late!!

Here's TyMan about to put some hurt on somone...
Here's Cole taking someone down....he's the one on the ground.
Yeah man!!! I'm about to take you down...

Okay....these are so late. I've been having computer problems and could not get our pictures to download. I think I'm overloading my computer being that it's about 6 years old and I've been putting a tons of pics and video on it. Not to mention Darin massive company program as well. We really need an upgrade. Okay..this is what I tried to most a month ago.......Cole's started his season of football also. This is his and Dalton's second year to play. This last Saturday he played in a scrimmage at Shiloh in Springdale....the Shiloh Jamboree. We had a great time watching the kids play.

Battle of the Bands!!

Friday night the church hosted the annual Battle of the Bands. I had a blast and we had some awesome kids there singing and performing. Can't wait til the next one. I'm waiting though for Brandon to put his band in there and some others like that. I enjoy the youth one...but I'd love to see all the locals also...a Contemporary Christian Group concert.

FBC Youth!

Last week Dalton had the privilege of getting to the play the bucket in the Wednesday night youth praise team. For him...it was a huge honor. We have some great kids at church. I'm so proud of all of them.
Here's he's volunteered for a game....little does he know that Andy and Scottie are feeding them year old cupcakes...yuke!!

He did a great job...way to go Dalton!

Farmington Football!!

Last Tuesday Farmington held it's Red/White Games. They introduced all the players from 4th Grade to 12th. And then the junior high and senior high scrimmaged. Dalton did get to play a little bit.
Cambre and the Cardinal!
Matt Bracket
Dalton's really good friends Garret Lipford. Dalton is coming in right behind him.
Dalton and one of his good friends Matt Bracket
Dalton's team after the game...
Cole's turn for his spot light...


Dalton is trying his hand at driving. Every once in a while I'll let them kids sit on my lap and drive the dirt road. Recently I've started letting Dalton take the rains on his own. I can't believe in just another year he can get his learners permit. Funny thing is I was driving around town...dirt road, paved road...it didn't matter. And I was Cambre's age when I started driving.


Cole played baseball a few weeks ago in a tournament in Rogers. It was also Mom's birthday so went over and stayed the night with her. We had a great weekend together. Happy Birthday Mom!! We love you!!


The enjoyed a great bubble bath. They like to call this "BUBBLETOPIA" I only them get this wild and crazy very once in a while.

Family Get Together!

Before Zack and John left Arkansas to make a new start....we had a cook out at Bonnie's parents so that all their friends and family could see them off. We all had a great time seeing each other.
The boys....
John, Karri and the girls...Gracie and Taylor
John's cutting up the brisket and pork roast that we smoked.
Zackary got the ribs....yummy!!
Zack, Mom and Me
The whole family! Except for Zack's girls....they had already left when we started taking these. I hate that they didn't make it in the picture.
Gracie and Taylor a few days before Zack left. They stayed with me one day and I took them out around the pond and took some great pictures of them.
My nieces...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Camp War Eagle!

Pammie and I dropped Steph and Dalton off at Camp War Eagle July 27th. They are there 2 weeks. We will be picking them up this Saturday. See pics here: http://campwareagle.spitfirephoto.biz/lightbox.php?un=1&lboxId=895352acd32a3aa598e05ff8140784dc
From what we can see...he's having the time of his life. He mailed us a card and said he WAS COMING BACK!! That is incredible. This is his first year...but Steph's 3rd. She was really anxious to show him around. I'm so glad he's having a great time...but I really missed him while he was gone.
Dalton's bunk house.
Me and Dalton
He's so tore up about leaving me....LOL!
The kids have to be checked for head lice and get their temps checked. The guy said Dalton had the cleanest head for a teenage boy. Dalton really does...he shows EVERY morning.
The also have to take a swim test.
Just hanging out with Steph and Pammie before we leave our babies.
This was the morning that we picked them up. All the kids were gathered for awards.
Steph and Dalton.......they had a BLAST!!