Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What happened!!!

Okay....several have been saying. "I've given up on checking your blog page. It's been forever." It's been 4 monthes I think....maybe longer. My biggest excuse is that I've been having computer issues. I have not been able to get my pictures to download and all of my posts are inspired by my pictures. Plus the fact that after 14 years.....I started back to work.....FULL TIME!!!! Wow!!!! It's been crazy busy to say the least. But great at the same time. I'm loving my job and love the people I'm working with and the company I'm working for. For now......I hope to have my issues taken care of by a great friend of ours. When he gets me up and going again.....look out. I've got a ton to post about. Happy Blogging out there. And God bless!!!!!


The Hickman's said...

I'm so gald you are enjoying your job and I can't wait to see some pics soon!

Cassie said... said...

it about time!

The Hickmans said...

Michelle, will you please read the new post on my blog and be in prayer for our family. Thank you.